Virgin Media Cancel Agreement


If you buy directly from us, we would like you to be completely satisfied with your service. If you change your mind about the inclusion of a new contract with us, you have the legal right to terminate without penalty within the first 14 days without justification. With our 14-day customer satisfaction guarantee, you can exchange your phone for another phone of the same value or refund the price of the handset. For example, if you still have six months on your contract and your monthly payments for your Virgin Media services are $50 per month, you pay about $40 multiplied by the remaining six months, or about $240. ouch! Sometimes you can resign for free, even if you are still under contract. Cooling period – You have the right to cancel your order for up to 14 days from the later date, without justification: (i) the delivery of your equipment or (ii) the activation of your services. Click here to view our cooling buzz information page. The cancellation of your Virgin Mobile service is subject to a different cancellation process. To cancel your Virgin Media services, you can contact Virgin Media on 0345 454 1111 or via a page on its website.

If you want to end your Virgin Media broadcast service, there are many ways to do so. It depends on whether you switch to another broadband provider, change your address or resign for a completely different reason. You may terminate this contract at any time for any reason, which is subject to payment of all unpaid payments and royalties (if any) relating to the Services. No matter how long you`ve been at Virgin Media, you can cancel. Of course, sometimes this means early exit fees and sometimes it isn`t. In this guide, we guide you through the ins and outs, show you your rights as a customer if it is okay to go, if not, and what, if ever, it will ultimately cost you. Virgin Media says its customer service team can contact customers after cancelling to try to “correct the reasons why they are leaving” and try once again to come up with a “new package that best suits their needs.” You can terminate your contract by providing Virgin Media with one month. Sometimes you have the right to cancel without paying an early disconnection fee as part of your contract term, z.B.

if we make certain changes to your terms or rates. We will always tell you if that is the case. I called customer service, who insisted that only my husband, the official account holder, could terminate the service, which could only be done over the phone. Hello John, thanks for your comment. You can cancel your Virgin Media broadband service without affecting your Virgin Mobile contract. Hopefully this will help Ken Follow Virgin Media on Twitter and Facebook to get updates and now chat with our social support team. Hello June, thanks for your comment, and I`m sorry to hear about the problems you`ve had with Virgin Media.