Aircraft Engine Lease Agreement Template


i. The lessee puts the lessor on N705BL as the holder of guaranteed pledges, this right of pledge is released as soon as the tenant`s obligations under this agreement are fulfilled. d. Prior to the execution of Schedule B, the Lessee may conduct a visual inspection (including endoscope) of the engines to assess whether the engines are acceptable to the Lessee. If the lessee installs an engine or does not inform the owner that an engine is not acceptable to the lessee before the execution of installation B, the lessee is finally considered to have accepted the engine, while being able to refuse this engine. Any refusal of the engine must be made by written notification to the lessor indicating the reason for the refusal, which must be a valid reason that affects the airworthiness of the engine. Notwithstanding the expiration of a rental period, all obligations of the lessee shall be maintained in the rental agreement until the engine is returned to the lessor in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. one. The lessor warrants either (i) that it owns the engines at the time of delivery to the lessee, or (ii) if the lessor does not own the engines, that the owner of the engines (the “owner”) has been authorized to lease the engines to the lessee and to work as a lessor under this agreement.

The agreed loss and termination value of the aircraft is the percentage of the lessor`s capitalized costs for the aircraft indicated in relation to the prevailing rent. . . .