Android End User License Agreement


14. Third beneficiary. This EULA runs between you and Smartsheet and not between you and other parties, including Apple for iOS users and Google for Android users. You agree that any claims you bring arising out of this EULA or your use of the Mobile Application shall not be made against Apple or Google. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Apple or Google authorizes, after your acceptance of the EULA, to enforce this EULA against you as a third party beneficiary. Smartsheet is not responsible for any third-party agreements between you and your third parties, including your mobile carrier. a) Pro-user license. A company or department can acquire a license for a subgroup of users as long as Android Sync software is installed on devices that only licensed users can access. You want to create an EULA for the same reason that you would design terms and conditions (GTC) or terms of use: it is a tool that protects your interests and gives users an overview of what awaits them. The Viber app allows users to make free calls and use high-quality videos.

It contains many of the same restrictions for copying and self-engineering its application. These restrictions are stated at the beginning of the agreement: 5.4 They grant the user a non-exclusive, worldwide and permanent license for the execution, display and use of the product on the device. If you wish, you can attach to your product a separate End User License Agreement (EULA) that regulates the user`s rights to the product instead of the previous sentence. Thus, Opera`s EULA deals with terminations: you acknowledge that the license you purchase for each Apple product you purchase through the Mac App Store or App Store is a binding agreement between you and iTunes. You acknowledge that: once you have purchased a third-party product from iTunes, you enter into a binding agreement directly with the publisher of that third-party product about your use of that third-party product; and iTunes is not a part of the license between you and the publisher with respect to this third-party product. The publisher of any third-party product is solely responsible for that third-party product, the content contained therein, all warranties, to the extent that such warranties have not been excluded, and any claims you or any other party have with respect to such third-party product. . . .