Eldritch Horror Agreement Condition


The same goes for the text like “you can get a certain condition to earn something `good`”, you can`t pay for the good things if you already have the condition. The rest of the games have been pretty easy as you start with great benefits for each investigator. The main difference in how you play campaign against normal games is that you put a lot of effort into keeping your investigators healthy and you never accept a dark pact or deal. Even debts seem risky without paying them, as one of them may require you to make a deal that could end in a dead investigator. Conditions are a type of card that can be obtained by different effects. Unlike most other cards, conditions cannot be exchanged between investigators unless one of the investigators has an old fate fate. Most of the conditions are harmful, with the exception of boon, talented conditions and some agreement conditions that are advantageous. The last two matches of the campaign were quite interesting, as the opening card Shuddle M`ell puts Eldritch tokens on the doom trail that causes disasters (which can end up killing investigators if you`re out of luck). For the 5th match, I managed to keep the Doom track still and win the match fast enough that no disaster happened. For the last match against Shuddle M`ell himself, there is no way to avoid 6 disasters, because the “Unto the Breach” preliminaries automatically put the sinking at 0 when you solve the third riddle.

I had to put my investigators on the board in positions that would probably avoid too much damage. It worked pretty well. The butler took 2 reason injuries and was delayed, while the mechanic and the actress both took 3 damages to reason because they were at a room in Rome eating a disaster card. The last fight against…