Uk Universities Issue 11K Non-Disclosure Agreements In Five Years


“If universities use a confidentiality agreement, it should be beneficial for both parties and not be enforced, so that the university takes responsibility for any problems encountered. Robust measures to solve problems are always welcome, but it is better for institutions to invest in creating a healthy work culture,” the union said. Confidentiality agreements designed to protect trade secrets are legal contracts that prevent individuals from disclosing private information. Since 2016, nearly a third of universities have used NDAs for student complaints, as BBC News data shows. Kassabian, 59, who worked at the university for 10 years, said, “We all think we are isolated and alone, and that we sob about past injustices, when there are actually many, many of us, and if we could talk to each other, it would be very different.” Officials interrogated the art student for five hours before telling her there was not enough physical evidence to be prosecuted because she had been “darkened.” In a statement, he said he had reviewed his policies in light of national recommendations on responding to sexual harassment in universities, adding: “We have implemented them and we have a team of staff trained to help students who are victims of sexual assault.” The news comes amid criticism over how universities are responding to sexual assault and harassment on their campuses. Confidentiality agreements should prevent employees from sharing trade secrets when they change jobs, but now lawyers say they are being abused to protect serial offenders, and ministers say they want to tighten the rules. Among the most productive users of confidentiality agreements were among the prestigious Russell Group the University of Sheffield (335), the University of Oxford (256) and Cardiff University (220). It was revealed by the Courier that over the past 5 years, Newcastle University has spent £1.8 million on confidentiality agreements (NDAs) that require staff to maintain the confidentiality of a large amount of academic information. London Met said the university “does not require employees to sign certain NDAs, and we are taking steps to protect their rights of expression by incorporating specific safeguards for legal disclosures or in accordance with the university`s whistleblowing directive in our transaction agreements.”