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Suncliffs on Facebook

Bottomless cups of coffee, good company, and ’60s folk revival are
behind Suncliffs’ slow burn ballads. The folk-rock group was formed on
a sofa couch in Regina, Saskatchewan in 2017. Blending melodic strings
over a mellow rhythm section, Suncliffs share a vulnerability with
their audiences. Since the release of 3 singles Suncliffs has played
around the province, most notably at the Gateway Music Festival, All
Folk’d Up Music Festival, Cathedral Village Arts Festival, and opened
for the likes of Hawksley Workman and Elliott Brood.

Conrad Bigknife & Detour

Visit the Conrad Bigknife Website

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more innovative and driven creator of music than Conrad Bigknife. Hard work and real life, along with a father who loved county music, helped shape Conrad’s esthetic for a no-frills, honest sound.

Self-taught and road honed, his work is a labour of love. He is a writer, composer, vocalist, musician, engineer, and producer in one. Bringing his vision to reality has meant literally thousands of hours recording for himself and others. His own singles ‘Twang’ ‘Crush’ and most recently ‘Sunday Morning Slide’, have found considerable success on Indigenous radio stations across Canada. This is his dream and this is his home.

He is always learning, always grinding and forever thriving. Recognizing the power of music and grateful for the opportunities given, Conrad Bigknife is one of the bright lights on Canada’s vast musical horizon.


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The UnCoolas Hit Revue

The UnCoolas Hit Revue on Facebook

What do you get when you bring founding members of Men Without Shame and the Blazers together with a couple members of the Regina cover band of the year The New Montagues? You get the greatest hits of all time played the way you remember them. No pre-recorded tracks, all live. Whether you dance the night away or want to sit and tap your feet while singing along, this group will give you a night to remember. You deserve a night out.